Frequently Asked Questions

How does it exactly work?

First step is to add your desired package to the cart. You will need to provide your character name, faction, region and server for us to be able to serve you. After adding your service to the cart, get to the checkout and confirm payment via PayPal or any other payment service. After making payment, we will start working on your order within 0-2 hours, and complete in the estimated delivery timeframe. Sometimes it can be longer than expected due to various factors, like downtimes, network outages and other reasons.
If you chose account sharing, under the process we do not recommend logging in, so just safely stay logged out, and wait for our confirmation as soon as it's completed. Service pauses are accepted after 48 hours of service, in case of need, but you have to contact us for the request!

Is it safe?

Yes, our service is 99.99% safe, however you have to take the RMT into consideration, because the game author company might be taking steps to avoid this kind of service as much as possible. We do the highest level of security pre-cautions in game and in general to avoid issues with the orders. 

So this is considered safe, as long as you are not talking about your order ingame.

How long does it take to get my goods?

This is an excellent question. It all depends on the service you order. We usually have stock of gold and boosters available to complete your order within the day , as far as raiding go there is scheduled times available for that and limited spots on high end content such as Cutting Edge .
For boosts we usually deliver within 2-3 hours.

Is it legal? Are you fake? Scam?

Our services are 100% legal worldwide, so Shopof Warcraft services are not fake or scam at all. By using our service, you are not breaking the law. However the game company might prohibit account sharing in some countries or areas, so this is your sole responsibility to read and accept the Terms of Service of the game company. If you like the game, support the game as well by buying ingame goods to use together with our boosting services.

How long does your delivery take?

All of the services have different delivery time. Their estimated delivery time is written in each of their description. In most cases that item is completed within that time frame, minimal difference may apply.

I ordered a service, how will you boost?

All of our services are done manually, we don't use bots or any 3rd party utilities during its process. When you place an order for this service fill the required information fields about your account. If you want to know the current status of your order, please contact us via LiveHelp or e-mail.

Can I choose to take my order at another time?

Yes. You can contact our live chat any time in our working hours, or just simply leave a note, that you are available from 11:00 am up to 16:00 pm EST time tomorrow. 

This case, our team will only try to contact you at the desired date/time.

What happen if I would be offline?

Nothing bad. We will still try to deliver your order by inviting you at specific intervals. Our support agent will also contact you via email or discord every few hours .

If we cannot reach you for 7 days after purchase, we will automatically cancel and refund your order. 

The refund only applicable if the service is not character boosting related. So it is mostly for item or currency order.

Is there any way to ask for a break during the service?

If your service take more than 24 hours, then we can pause your order in case of request. If the service would only take a few hours in total, we better finish without any break or scheduled interruption.

How do I know if my order is ready?

We automatically try to invite you in the average delivery timeframe, however sometimes it might take longer depending on server availability, support availability or any other issues with our system.

If you are not online in game at the delivery timeframe, we will notify you via email / discord, to come online for the trade. 

If we still cannot get in touch, your order will be cancelled and might be automatically refunded after 7 days.

If I purchased something, can I cancel it later?

If it's a currency order (gold , boe items), and we didn't deliver the goods yet and you contact us in time, yes, it's usually possible to cancel, and the order will be refunded within 24 hours.
If it’s a service order contact us in order to solve it out since there are many solutions for each different service .

Can I check how my account is going at any point?

If you want to inspect the current standing, please always contact us first, and we pause the order for that time. This is to prevent the issues, if our player is currently playing on your account.

Will my password be changed?

No. We never change your password with any reason.

I don't have any account of your listed payment methods, how should I pay?

You should send us an email or come to live chat with the method you are looking to use.

Is it legal?

Yes, what we do is 100% legal, however you have to keep in mind that the game author company is truly against any RMT (real money trades), or 3rd party services, including boosting, account sharing, so this is your sole responsibility to deal with the risks.

Our business is completely verified and running as a business overseas.

The team of ShopofWarcraft is 100% EU based.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes. But it's limited to our boosting services only. Item and currency trades are out of the scope. We offer limited warranty and money-back guarantee for every service at ShopofWarcraft, but complains are not tolerated after successful delivery.

If you are unsatisfied with the service we provide, please kindly contact us over live chat or via email, and we will help solve the issue in no time.

High-end content refunds

For some high end content boosting services there are some requirements that needs to be fulfilling in order to get the refund . For example if you fulfill the requirements requested by the boosting team for a high end key and done your part as requested ( having the right gear, decent dps etc ) and the boost fails you will get a full refund or new run of the same order .

What can I do, if I'm unhappy with your service?

For any case, it might happen in today's world. Firstly we advise you to contact us, so we can help you with the problem solving. If we find out that something happened, which shouldn't be, you will automatically be refunded without questions. If you decide not to contact us, and contact your credit card provider or e-wallet provider instead (e.g: PayPal, Skrill) for a dispute, chargeback, or anything else, we will permanently close your account and prohibit from ordering at our site any more.

Can I play other games during the boost on my account?

No. Unfortunately everything related to BattleNet will interrupt our booster's session.

Any other questions?

Contact us. ;)